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New flight rule: Civil Aviation Ministry updates guidelines for self-declaration forms

By:FE Online|Financial Express

Published: July 12, 2020 3:18 PM

The Civil Aviation Ministry has updated its guidelines for self-declaration forms for passengers who are travelling. The ministry has informed all airlines that passengers who submit a self-declaration form stating that they have not tested positive for the novel Coronavirus three weeks prior to the departure, will be allowed to board the aircraft, PTI reported. It is to note that earlier notification released by the ministry on May 21 has said that all those who have not tested positive for COVID-19 in at least two months before the departure will be allowed to take the flight.

According to the PTI report, the decision has come because the ministry believes a large number of people in India have recovered from Coronavirus. In order to avoid any problem for those who are travelling, the new update has been made. The report highlighted the new changes in self-declaration form were informed to airlines a few days ago and they were asked to take declaration stating that passengers have not been tested positive for the deadly virus in three weeks.

Further, people who have already recovered from the novel Coronavirus and meet the three-week criteria set by the Civil Aviation Ministry will be permitted to travel, the report said citing some officials. For recovered patients to travel by flights, they have to show a COVID-19 discharge certificate or COVID-19 recovery certificate from the hospital where they have been treated.

In India, more than 8.4 lakh people have till date been confirmed for Coronavirus and out of which around 5.15 lakh have recovered, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This implies that the recovery rate in the country is around 63 per cent.

Currently, there are only domestic flights operating in India which resumed operations on May 25 after being suspended for almost two months. International flights, on the other hand, are still suspended.

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