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9 tips for parents to help children maintain healthy lifestyle amid Covid-19 pandemic

India Today Web Desk New Delhi July 5, 2020 UPDATED: July 5, 2020 12:51 IST

As parents where we see our children get older by the day, we find it a constant challenge to teach them about nutrition, so that once they grow up can make wise decisions about the food they eat. But this is not an easy task!

The child's day is usually filled with junk food and treats, influencing commercial marketing that influences them to have more unhealthy treats and candies. But as much as one wants to avoid 'unhealthy' food from entering their precious bodies it is the world they live in and need to learn to steer it themselves.

Children should grow up respecting their bodies and make wise choices of the food they eat. In such times where we all have been affected with Covid-19 pandemic and various diagrams flooding the internet on how to boost immunity and stay healthy to prevent kids from getting sick.

We must also put emphasis on a holistic approach which is also a very important element to remain healthy and boost immunity in children. We should guide our children about health and nutrition in such a way that leaves a positive impact on them.

In the usual scenario when the children were going to school and had their normal routines, they still managed a consistent schedule of sleeping in time and structured meals in the day. But being at home this routine may be hard to maintain.

One needs to think of innovative ways on how to keep these habits. Here are a few tips:

1. Eating a healthy and balanced diet: Implementing the need for a balanced diet from a very young age is very important. One needs to focus on a few things to make sure they are getting a proper diet such as not skipping breakfast, proper portion size, drinking plenty of water, limit junk food and sugary drinks in your diet & should be taken occasionally.

2. Establish a routine: Try to make a habit of studying, working out and sleeping at certain set hours. This will help keep a balance.

3. Practice safe food hygiene: Washing your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before eating and handling food should be a practice to maintain good hygiene.

4. Stay active: Exercise keeps the mind and body healthy. Take up a sport, walk, or ride a bike. This will keep you physically fit and healthy.

5. Quality sleep: It has been proven that sleep integrates memories. This helps students retain what they may have learnt in their lessons. Getting quality sleep helps to keep the physical and mental health intact and keeps the immune system strong to fight of any infections.

6. Natural foods: Children's meals should be multi-coloured consisting of a variety of fruits and vegetables, and less of packaged food and soda.

7. Mental health: Emotional Quotient of children is equally important as their physical health. A healthy mind helps the child cope with any challenge life may throw.

8. Personal hygiene: A good personal hygiene is a must for kids to keep them away from illnesses and keeping healthy. Some basic rules would be handwashing properly for 20 secs, bathing, nail Hygiene.

9. Limit screen time: This helps the children refrain from eating junk and unnecessary snacking which in turn cuts the body fat. Limiting screen time also means more quality time with the family in engaging activities.

Authored by Manisha Singh (ZCAS and Pre School Coordinator at zamit)

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