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Good News! No Covid restrictions for entry of Indians into Thailand


In an officially released statement, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) India offices (New Delhi and Mumbai) had requested all passengers traveling back to India to carry out an RT-PCR test within 72 hours of departure and upload the results on the Air Suvidha website. However, the TAT offices have reiterated that starting October 1, 2022 international travellers to Thailand no longer require to show any proof of vaccination or ATK test result, therefore, there are no restrictions on Indian travellers entering Thailand. To further ensure the safety of tourists, TAT India Offices shared that they will be closely monitoring any changes or update measures on Covid-19 protocol which might affect Indian travellers to Thailand. TAT India offices further shared that the availability of testing facilities in Thailand is widespread and readily accessible. Since India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has updated guidelines for travellers entering the country, the RT-PCR test has been made mandatory for Indians coming from Thailand and 5 Asian countries with effect from January 1, 2023. All passengers will have to upload their reports on the Air Suvidha portal before travel. In a statement relating to travelling protocols in Thailand, TAT highlighted that all the businesses and tourism-related products and services are fully operational and ready for the New Year. “Tourism in Thailand is back to ensure a top level of safety and health administration for all tourists andlocals, with the SHA certification and protocols in place,” it added. Meanwhile, Thailand in 2022, recorded about 11,651,284 foreign tourist arrivals between January 1 and December 29. The top five source markets, as stated by TAT, were Malaysia with 1,921,015 tourists, India with 957,452 tourists, Lao PDR with 83,727 tourists, Cambodia with 595,507 tourists, and Singapore with 585,507 tourists. Tabulated by the TAT Intelligence Centre based on data from the Immigration Bureau, these totals do not include migrants, United Nations officials and non-nationalities.

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