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Why QuestCabs India's CAR POOLING should be first choice of travellers amidst Covid19 ?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

From Head Office | 20th July 2020 | 06.00 PM IST

Travelling will never be same again, atleast not till near future, thanks to the medical & economical chaos and financial uncertainties created by the Covid19 Pandemic.

Despite of instructions and guidelines provided to the public and private transport operators, and in return, assurances from the operators to follow the same, the commuters are finding it very tough to get back the trust factor to use transportation services for their daily commute. Few have shifted to the costly affair of buying their own new rides while the others, who have tight budget to run the family show, are taking the risk everyday by using the not-so-sure modes of transportation.

That is when QuestCabs India, one of the established and most reliable car rental service provider in Kolkata and eastern India, gave it a serious thought and started implementing safest techniques and protocols as per the competent authorities to provide the ordinary public and the corporates with the best way of travelling from home to their workplaces and vice-versa during these testing times.

QuestCabs India's initiative of starting Car Pooling services in Kolkata for corporates and individuals, has provided a much needed sigh of relief for the family members or the employers of the daily commuters.

By availing QuestCabs' car pooling services one can be rest assured of safety from this ongoing threat of Covid19. Below are just few of the various benefits of using QuestCabs' Car Pooling services for Corporates and Individuals:

  • Deeply Sanitised vehicles. Proper cleaning and sanitization is conducted with certified disinfectant solutions. The vehicle is also equipped with sufficient protective materials for the use of drivers as well as guests on board.

  • Thoroughly tested drivers. Thermal testings done for drivers everyday before the start of the day. The medical history records are maintained for them and for the people staying with them, to rest assure they are medically before riding our cars.

  • You can choose from the packages where you can travel with your own company colleagues and rest assure that you are not travelling with someone who's medical record you are not sure about.

  • You can cut down your monthly travelling expenses by picking up from our multiple packages. You can also choose from our premium packages where you can take the liberty of travelling comfortably and enjoy your private space in the vehicle.

  • Studies also suggests that car pooling reduces stress to a an extent when travelling from home to office.

  • Car Pooling also enables employers, already paying for their employee's travel expenses, to reduce that cost and also take tax benefits.

  • Commuters can avoid the daily headaches of booking cabs on daily basis, seeing surge prices when demand is high, seeing trips getting cancelled by drivers last minute or travelling in unhygienic vehicles.

  • Car owners can avoid worries of unavailable parking slots, increasing fuel prices, high maintenance of vehicle and driver and many more such worries.

And these are just a few of the benefits to name for using Car Pooling services from QuestCabs India Kolkata and around.

The initial response from our clients have been really overwhelming and we are looking forward to expand our reach quickly to provide this better option of travelling to as much people as we can.

QuestCabs India also has the expertise in providing the CAR RENTAL and AIRPORT TRANSFER services in Kolkata and across India. We have one of the youngest of the vehicle fleet and our drivers are equally trained to provide you with the safest and most comfortable experience while travelling.

For all your CORPORATE queries, kindly get in touch with us at

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